Sedation Dentistry in Concord, CA

Do you experience anxiety, nervousness, or stress when visiting the dentist? Sedation dentistry can help! Dr. Haidari at Clayton Dental Group is specially trained to administer (oral conscious) sedation, commonly referred to as “Sleep Dentistry," as well as IV sedation, to help patients with mild to moderate dental anxiety.

Have Dental Anxiety? We Can Help!

patient smiling before taking a sedative to help relax her for her dental procedureWhatever your individual level of anxiety may be, our office is committed to making sure that your visit is as comfortable, quick, and easy as possible. There are many solutions for dental anxiety, and the team at Clayton Dental Group is ready to help.

Here are a few popular methods for easing anxiety in the dentist's office:

Communication: Often, our team can ease dental anxiety simply by giving you correct or updated information. We will always keep you informed before, during, and after your procedure, making sure that you understand what is going on and why we are doing it.

Calming Techniques: Many patients find it helpful to practice controlled breathing or to find distractions inside the room.

Listening to Music: With most dental procedures, the use of personal headphones and music is allowed. This is a great way to keep calm and pass the time while in the dentist's chair.

Taking Breaks: Let us know if you would like to take a short break during your treatment by signaling with your left hand.

Oral Sedation: Depending on the nature of your procedure, various types of sedation may be available to you. At your consultation, Dr. Haidari will assess your needs and health history to determine the best sedation level for you.

If sedation dentistry is right for you, our team can offer several forms of comfort dentistry to help you stay comfortable throughout your visit. The advantages offered to patients from sedation dentistry often include:

  • Having treatment is completed when you are in a more relaxed mood.
  • Less difficulty sitting through a lengthy procedure.
  • The ability to complete multiple treatments and full mouth restorations during the same dental visit.
  • Reduced discomfort after treatment.

Oral Conscious Sedation

Our team is able to safely prescribe dental-related medication to address mild to moderate anxiety. Oral conscious sedation, taken in pill form prior to your procedure, can decrease anxiety by binding and toning down activity within “fear” receptors in the brain.

If you elect to use anti-anxiety medication for your treatment, it's important to utilize the dose your dentist or doctor recommends and arrange for transportation after your appointment.

Intravenous Sedation (“Twilight Sedation”)

patient sleeping during her dental procedure thanks to sedation dentistryClayton Dental Group offers our patients the option of adding Intravenous Sedation, also referred to as Dental Intravenous Anesthesia, or “Twilight Sedation,” to their dental treatment. This is what sets our office apart from other dental practices; it is our niche.

Intravenous Sedation or “twilight sleep” helps you stay comfortable and calm when undergoing dental procedures. Your treatment can be completed for you under intravenous sedation, if you so desire. Intravenous sedation or “IV sedation” (twilight sedation) is designed to better enable you to undergo your dental procedures while you are very relaxed. It will enable you to tolerate as well as not remember those procedures that may be very uncomfortable for you. IV sedation will essentially help alleviate the anxiety associated with your treatment. You may not always be asleep but you will be comfortable, calm and relaxed, drifting in and out of sleep – a “twilight sleep”.

When you choose the option of intravenous sedation, your sedation level will be administered and monitored right here at our Concord dental facility.

Sedation Dentistry for Fear and Anxiety

At Clayton Dental Group, our team understands dental phobia is a real, often overwhelming reality. Negative previous dental experiences, fear of needles or drills, and severe gag reflexes are just some of the reasons people feel extreme anxiety when thinking about visiting the dentist.

If you suffer from dental phobia or anxiety, fear no more! At Clayton Dental Group, we are committed to understanding the very real nature of your concerns and providing safe, comfortable solutions to help keep you at ease. Not only will our staff treat you with delicacy and care, but sedation dentistry can allow you to experience dentistry in a whole new way. While engaging in a pleasant sleep-like experience, Dr. Haidari will be hard at work making sure you wake up with the treatment results you desire.

Learn More About Sedation Dentistry in Concord, CA

If you need help managing stress or anxiety during your dental appointment, call today to learn more about how sedation dentistry can make it easier to comfortably receive the treatment you need. Call today to schedule your consultation!

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